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Photo Recovery From HTC One S
HTC One S Photo Recovery & HTC One S Photo Recovery

By  Michael  Published: July 19,  2012

How to recover deleted photos from HTC One S 

To tell the truth, photo recovery from HTC One S is very easy. It won't take you much time to get your precious photos back. The efficient and 100% safe method is to use a third-party photo recovery software, such as Yesterdata photo recovery software. Yesterdata photo recovery support almost all cameras brands and memory cards.

After common data loss incidents, the first thing you should do is to protect your HTC One S Memory Card -- External Memory Cards. Stop to write more data or take more photos to them, which can cover your original data and you may never get your lost data back. We should know that you had better store your important data and photos in the external memory cards. Because almost all photo recovery software (for windows) only support recovering photos and videos from the external memory card. Yesterdata Photo Recovery restore deleted pictures saved in major file formats including jpeg, gif and more.

Compared with the HTC One V/X, HTC One S has many advantages, especially the Cameras. The Good image quality makes us enjoy the daily life completely. The photos we take record the monent we want to remeber and share. HTC One S contribute to our memorys. I am so glad to have htc one s in hands. 

HTC One S Photo Recovery Software

Windows Users have the opportunity of recovering one deleted photo from HTC One S memory card Completely Free ! If the software suits your need and you want to recover more, then you need to purchase Yesterdata Photo Recovery. 100% Money Back Guaranteed ! Download the free trial version below to have a try now.
Free Download HTC-One-S Photo Recovery SoftwareBuy photo recovery software

Photo Recovery From HTC One S:

Step 1: Connect your HTC One to computer and Install Yesterdata.

Use a card reader to connect your HTC One to a computer. Download and install the free version of Yesterdata Photo Recovery. Don't install it on the memory card on which you want to. Select one of the Scan modes according to your needs.

Install Yesterdata photo recovery software & HTC One S Photo Recovery

Step 2: After selecting the Scan Modes in the main page, then you should chose your memory card.  And click "start

Select Your HTC One S & HTC One S Photo Recovery

Step 3: Now you get a list of all recoverable photos on your memory card. Preview them by the Thumbnails to check the quality.

Preview your recoverable photos on HTC One S & HTC One S Photo Recovery

Step 4: Recover and save your photos from HTC One S Check those you want to "Recover". Remember don't store them to the card on which you lost photos.

Recover deleted photos from HTC One S & HTC One S Photo Recovery

1. Take the free trial version before you buy.
2. Before the data is recovered, never attempt to put more data to the disk or cards. As saving more files may cause original data overwritten.
3. Once overwritten, it's impossible to recover your lost photos or data. If and when that happens, then it becomes too late to recover your deleted pictures, so it is very, very important that new pictures or files cannot be saved to the hard disk where you lost photos in the meantime. (By Yesterdata Photo Recovery



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