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How Photo Recovery Software Works

how photo recovery software works

By Michael  YesterData Inc   Published: March 16, 2012

If you've deleted photos off  from your memory cards or hard disk accidentally -- Many people worry about that their data is lost forever. Don't panic!  You can  recover photos with a few clicks, and you can recover memory card files with memory card recovery software easily. # Pictures Recovery #

You may think it is ridiculous, and I have just made a joke with you. No! No! They can be back actually. So if you are curious on how photo recovery programs work, read on.

For the efficient working , Windows operating system deletes photos in real time (such as put it into the Recycle Bin and delete it completely). In fact the clearing from the disk won't erase all the data, it simply deletes the marked disk location. Now, when you delete data from the hard drive, the file that holds the address pointing to the data is deleted. With the deletion of their addresses, the files are no longer visible to your operating system. When you need to record other data to the used disk space, you can directly write in these locations without the need to retain the original data.

Obviously, if a file is deleted and is not written by further data, the file has actually been there. However, the operating system "pretend" they do not realize it. When you run a data recovery software, it scans your memory cards or hard disk and accesses all data, which is not visible to your operating system. That is why YesterData Photo Recovery software can recover deleted files. They come to visit the disk directly where marked as "deleted" files to re-read the data out, recovering to the specified directory.

However, if the disk has been overwritten by the other data. The file may be damaged. There is no guarantee of a complete recovery. The data recovery software can only try to repair, but may occur to restore failures. So, after the file is deleted , the fewer written on the disk the higher probability of success rate.

When unpleasant things happen to your hard drive, there is no need to panic. At this case the hard drive is lost or physically damaged, data recovery software can still help you out. At this point, you can get your lost files. Awesome! Why not download the YesterData Photo Recovery software for a try NOW !

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