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HTC Photo Recovery From HTC Phones

By  Michael    Published: May 26, 2012 

HTC Photo Recovery

>>  Have you ever lost your favorite photos while using HTC phones?
>>  Unfortunately, I was unable to find my photos , photo recovery from HTC phone is easy or not?
>>  How to recover deleted photos from the HTC phones?
>>  Does HTC Photo Recovery Software can recover the photos with high image quality?

Don't panic,  photo recovery tool can really solve your problems easily. And they can help you recover deleted photos in minutes. Read on to get the best recovery solution.

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HTC Photo Recovery & HTC Photo Recovery Software

HTC is the first smartphones I have used. As time goes by, the HTC impresses me most by its camera. Nowadays there are so many kinds of smartphones. Though other smartphones may be better than HTC, I have to say that the HTC is the leader in the smartphones (android). The HTC is successful in the smartphones. Its markets are all around the countries.


Sometimes you find the memory card of HTC phones is corrupted due to suddenly pulling out the memory card while your phone is running. You are unable to find your stored pictures. However, pictures recovery software has solved this problem perfectly. HTC phones support this constructive software to bring back the deleted photos of memory cards.


Photo Recovery From HTC Phones

Almost all the computers can support HTC photo recovery software.
The lowest device which supports this software must have 128 MB RAM, 10 MB free hard disk space and a Pentium processor. It is inexpensive and fast mode of reloading pictures.

Features About HTC Photo Recovery :

1). Provides assurance of complete recovery of pictures without any destruction.
2). Recovers your photos with the same or better quality and higher graphics.
3). No prior experience is necessary.
4). Supports all types of file format like tiff, riff, crw, raw including .CRF files format
5). Recovers deleted pictures due to virus attack, invalid handling, corrupted memory or other possibilities.

HTC Photo Recovery Software

Windows Users have the opportunity of recovering one deleted photo from HTC memory card Completely Free ! If the software suits your need and you want to recover more, then you need to purchase Yesterdata Photo Recovery. 100% Money Back Guaranteed !
One License Key Can Be Used On 3 Different Computers. 

Download the free trial version below to have a try now.

Free Download HTC Photo RecoveryBuy HTC Photo Recovery

Recover Deleted Photos From HTC Phones

1). Download the yesterdata pictures recovery software and Install the software on your pc.
      Connect Your HTC memory card to the computer via a card reader, then lanuch the program.

Select Your HTC Memory Card & HTC Photo Recovery

2). Preview the photos showed and choose the pictures you want to recover.

Preview recoverable photos from HTC Phone & HTC Photo Recovery

3). Recover your lost photos to another disk.

Recover Deleted Photos From HTC Phone & HTC Photo Recovery

Kind Tips:
1). Backup your data or photos frequently;
2). Stop using your memory card for HTC before you recover your deleted photos. 

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