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Recover Photos From Motorola Phone
Motorola photo recovery
By  Michael   Published: June 4,  2012

Motorola Photo Recovery

How can I get them back? If you're sure that all your pictures are saved on the SD card, not the internal memory card, and make sure that you haven't taken photos or save data to the memory card since then. There's a good chance you can recover your deleted pictures. New files will overwrite those old deleted files. 

To recover deleted pictures from Motorola, you need a Motorola photo recovery software before you do anything else. If you don't have one and still get no ideas, my recommendation can be one of your options.

Yesterdata photo recovery software are professional and effective. You can use it to recover all lost photos from Motorola phones, no matter you delete, format or lost them due to mis-operation, memory card formats/ error, virus attack, etc. You can easily complete the entire work in 3 steps.

Motorola Photo Recovery Software

Windows Users have the opportunity of recovering one deleted photo Completely Free ! If yesterdata photo recovery is suitable for your needs, then you need to purchase the software. One License Key Can Be Used On 3 Different Computers. Download the free trial version below to have a try now.

How to recover deleted photos from Motorola Phones

Step 1.  Download and install Yesterdata photo recovery software.


Step 2.  Connect your motorola to the computer, then run the program and choose your motorola phone.

Select your Motorola Memory Card

Step 3.  Scan deleted files on it and Preview  your lost photos.

Preview Recoverable Photos on Motorola Phone

Step 4.  Select and recover deleted pictures from Motorola phone with one click.

Recover Deleted Photos From Motorola phone

Motorola Photo Recovery

1. Backup your precious photos or data frenquently. 
2. Don't save the recovered photo on your motorola memory card again.
3. Find another place for it, like on your computer or other external disk, for safety's sake.

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