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Samsung Galaxy Note II Photo Recovery

Reviews of Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

When the Samsung marketing executive sitting to my left slowly produced the Galaxy Note 2 by carefully unwrapping a felt cloth, I pursed my lips and whistled. Wow, I said to myself, I really thought the first Galaxy Note was massive, but now there's this monster. If the Incredible Hulk or The Thing perhaps needed a proportionally sized handset, here it is.

Harnessing the full power of a 1.6GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos processor, a large 2GB helping of RAM, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the Galaxy Note 2 was certainly fast when operated by its Samsung handlers. The product also felt nimble and lithe in my hands, and pushed its apps and menus around with agility.

How to Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung Galaxy Note II

With the amazing smartphone in pocket, taking high quality photos with friends and family is easy. However, we would delete the photos from Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 accidentally. How to recover the deleted photos in seconds?

Actually, you only need 3 steps to perform the recovery with a photo recovery software. It is the most effective method. Does the photo recovery software really work? Yeah, the photos and files mostly are stored in the external memory card, which makes the recovery easy and convenient.

Windows Users have the opportunity of recovering one deleted photo from Samsung Galaxy Note memory card Completely Free ! If the software suits your need and you want to recover more, then you need to purchase Yesterdata Photo Recovery. 100% Money Back Guaranteed !
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Photo Recovery From Samsung Galaxy Note II

Install Yesterdata Photo Recovery and connect your Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 to your computer, or connect the memory card via a card reader. Then make sure that the memory card can be recognized as a storage devices/removable devices. 

Step 1. Choose your scan models and get ready to recover your lost photos now.

The quick scan will save more time, but it may not find your wanted photos. The depth scan will scan all the recoverable photos, but it may take more time (suggested). If you don't know how to perform the software. Write to us by the mail or request the online support by MSN ( Free Support Button) . 

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 photo recovery

Step 2. Select your memory card and make a free can.

Your memory card will be recognized as a storage devices. Select your Samsung Galaxy memory card (removable device). The Scan will be finished in about 10 minutes. You can preview your photos by file type.

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 photo recovery software

Step 3.Preview recoverable photos and recover the deleted photos at once.

Now you will get a list of recoverable photos in the main window. Choose your deleted photos and recover them now.

Samsung Galaxy Note photo recovery software

Kind Tips for Sumsung Galaxy II Photo Recovery

Store your photos on the memory cards and backup your data frequently. When you find photos or data lost, take out your memory card from the Android phone. It means that, if you want to get your precious photos or files back, stop using the memory card until you recover the files you want  - Yesterdata Photo Recovery.


How to connect Samsung Galaxy Note II to your computer

If you can not connect your Samsung Galaxy Note II to your computer or the computer can not recognize your phone as a storage devices, please read on:

Normally, the movies, photos or files would be restored in the external memory card, such as SD card. What we do is to make computer recognize our sd card as storage devices. Try the 3 methods as follows:

1. Take out your SD card from Samsung Galaxy Note II and connect it to your computer via a card reader. Your external memory card will be recognized as storage devices.  ( Recommended )

2. You should download a tool from Samsung Official Website ( Samsung Kies ) 
     Download links for it  ( ) 
     And you should check the Developer Option, cancel the USB debugging.
     Your Samsung Galaxy Note II external memory card will be recognized as storage devices.

3. Correct the settings to complete Samsung Galaxy Note II connection

   1) Click 'settings' on your phone then click on the 'wireless and network' option. 

   2) Scroll down to and click on 'USB utilities'.

   3) A box should pop up on your phone saying 'connect storage to PC' so click on it.

   4) You should plug the USB cable into your phone. 

   5) Now plug the other end of the USB into your PC.

   6) A box should pop up on your phone saying 'connect USB storage' so click on it.

   7) 2 boxes should pop up on your PC that now allow you to see your phone's files.

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