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How To Recover Deleted Photos From SAMSUNG PL210
By  Michael  Published: June 16,  2012


Samsung Photo Recovery Software

Which camera fits you? Choosing the right camera depends on a number of factors, like where you'll be shooting and what you're shooting for. SAMSUNG PL210 is famous for  Versatile, Easy to Use, Fits in Your Pocket.

Smart Auto 2.0
Captures the perfect shot by first analyzing key composition elements and then selecting from 15 different photo and 4 different movie modes.

Face/Smile/Blink Detection
Your camera does the work for you by detecting and adjusting the lighting on up to nine different faces at one time, automatically shooting the subjects when they laugh or smile, and prohibiting the shot from happening if any eyes are closed.

HD Movie Recording
Record HD movies in the palm of your hand. With HD Movie recording you can capture video in 1280 x 720p resolution at 30 frames per second.

If sheer ease of use is what you're seeking, then point-and-shoot cameras are models of simplicity. Point and shoots are ideal for the absolute beginner, or for the amateur who wants to take casual party pictures. A good point-and-shoot camera will offer a decent zoom for close-ups and have similar capabilities to an interchangeable lens camera— like manual override of a few settings that affect the image quality. But if you're looking to take quick, quality pictures, these cameras will be just fine.

Yet point and shoot cameras can also appeal to experts as well—those who like to capture "the decisive moment." Because it's an agile, easily portable camera, with no need for elaborate technical adjustments or additional equipment, even world-class photographers keep a point-and-shoot camera handy for when they require a “lean and mean” approach to photo-taking.

Since the Camera is a powerful tool for recording life. Once deleted photos accidentally and lost photos, what we should do. And which is the best soluiton? Intalling a photo recovery software is necessary. Of course, the best solutions to recover lost photos is using a photo recovery software. If you have experienced the pain of lossing photos, read on and backup a pictures recovery software in case. 

About Samsung Photo Recovery

Windows Users have the opportunity of recovering one deleted photo Completely Free !
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How to recover photos from Sumsung PL210 Cameras:

Step 1: Connect your SAMSUNG PL210 to computer and install Yesterdata.

Use a card reader to connect your camera card to a computer. Download and install the free version of Yesterdata Photo Recovery. Don't install it on the memory card which you want to recover photos. Select one of the Scan modes according to your needs.

Install SAMSUNG PL210 Photo Recovery Software & Samsung PL210 Photo Recovery

Step 2: Select your camera and start to recover

After starting Yesterdata Photo Recovery software, select your Samsung memory card.  And click "start".

Select your SAMSUNG PL210 Photo Recovery Software & Samsung Photo Recovery

Step 3: Preview the lost photos you want to recover

Now you get a list of all recoverable photos on your memory card. Preview them by the thumbnails to check the quality.

Preview Recoverable Photos From SAMSUNG PL210

Step 4: Recover and save your photos

Check those you want to "Recover". Remember don't store them to the card which you recover photos. (By Yesterdata Photo Recovery )

Recover Photos From SAMSUNG PL210

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