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4 Tips of Yesterdata Photo Recovery

tips of photo recovery

By Michael  Published: March 16, 2012

If you doubt whether pictures recovery program can recover lost photos or deleted images,  just click the following link to get the idea:

Why can Photo Recovery Program work ?  

If you want to recover photos or images deleted  and improve the success rate of recovery, you should pay attention to the following tips.

1. If you want to recover lost photos from a disk partition(such as local disk D ) , where you lost your photos or delete your images, then try not to write data in this partition. For example, install programs, save files, copy files to or from disk D.  That will make it harder to recover deleted images you want .

2. Please save the photos recovered in another disk partition(such as local disk E). Otherwise, the newly written photos or images may cover the additional "deleted" files, which are preparing to be recovered.

3. When your photos or images have lost, close all processes to avoid writing to this disk. Some of the running programs during the operation may produce a large number of temporary files, which may overwrite the same images to be restored.

4. Try not to store important photos or images in the system disk partition. System tray (where windows operating system are installed ) is read and written frequently , so the possibility of failure is higher than any other partition.

Yesterdata Photo Recovery is a powerful photo recovery program. The memory cards, mobile hard disk, U disk, the picture and photography enthusiasts commonly used and the image recovery functions are specially optimized. The Yesterdata Photo Recovery program has a advantage that Read-only application doesn't overwrite or modify the original data on your storage devices!


Let's take a look at its magical wand:

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How to use the best photo recovery tool:

Download and install Yesterdata Photo Recovery
Launch Yesterdata Photo Recovery
Select the drive from where you want to recover your photos.
Preview your lost photos
Recover and save your photos.


What the others say ?

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Paul, USA
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"I found what I was looking for! The entire directory structure  with all my missing photos. Cheers!"
Jason Wayne, Australia
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