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How To Recover Photos From Corrupted Hard Drive

Failing laptop photo recovery

Have you ever lost photos from your computer, SD card or external hard drive? I have on several occasions from all of the above. In fact I am in the process of recovering deleted photos from one of my biggest disasters as I write: a failing laptop hard drive (or a failing dektop hard drive).

I refer to my latest disaster as the biggest because it involves damaged hardware (the HD). Other circumstances such as: the operating system of your computer crashing and being unable to boot into Windows may not be as disastrous as you think. Accidentally deleting files from your computer, external hard drive, camera cards, USB keys, rewritable CDs and DVDs may not be the end of your data as you know.

Back your data up frenquently

OK, this is the waiver right here. If in doubt: consult an expert. First and foremost always back up your wrok! If it is worth doing, it is worth saving, back it up ! Good advice right, generally speaking yes, but the quality of your back up is just as important as the habit of making it.

I always believed that an external hard drive was the best bet, until I had one fail, fortunately it was a boot problem and I was able to fix it. When my ext/HD failed I was really worried because I have family photos and archives going way back stored on that device. In the coarse of recovering my data from the ext/HD failure it was bought to my attention that hard drives (regardless of how many gigabytes, or terabytes they hold) were never meant to be a permanent storage solution, any device with moving parts can fail.

CDs, DVDs, Blue-rays are a much better choice. I know they are a pain in the butt to burn and store, but if you value it make a hard copy. I am not going to go on about how digital technology threatens family history, but you probably get my drift.

OK, getting back to my current dilemma: a failing hard drive, what makes this situation worse is (as I understand it) if for one reason or another, the hard drive is physically damaged and any of the tools which might be used to recover data will not find the drive in Windows or Mac. In my case it was probably failing for a while, but a recent dropping was the catalyst which stopped me from being able to boot into Windows.

Possible solution: Booting from another source, such as Linux

There are several ways you can go about that, I chose to use a boot USB or boot CD. Sometimes you will need to reconfigure the boot sequence of the machine to boot from CD/DVD, fortunately there are CDs that take care of that step. My tool of choice is Puppy. Puppy Linux is a special build of Linux, a free operating system that you can carry around in your pocket. It allows you to boot and run a computer even if it has no hard drive.

OK so using Puppy I discovered that sometimes my files (photos) were able to be accessed but as the HD went off and on (probably seizing) sometimes I could copy them to an external storage device and sometimes I couldn’t. So far I have recovered about 50% of 10 GB. I am only after the most valuable photos and 10 GB represents about one month of photos I hadn’t backed up.

I don’t think I can rescue the Windows installation and don’t really care, as for the old laptop: that can get scrapped, or maybe I will just run Puppy on it full time.

How to perform photo recovery from Other Stroage Devices

There are a few programs which will recover photos which can be found on the Net: some work but cost a bit, others will find your lost files, show them to you but wont allow you to save them unless you buy the program. What I have used with 100% success is Yesterdata photo recovery, which is designed to recover lost photos.

Important Tips: As soon as a pic or file is accidentally deleted, or you discover any missing, do NOT save any more pics or files to that memory device or hard disk drive; otherwise you may overwrite your lost data.

Welcome to contact us about data recovery solutions

Anyway, I hope this little bit of info may be of use to anybody who may find themselves in a similar situation.

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